Black truffle.

We are second generation truffle farmers and hunters.  We grow and source different varieties depending on the season.  Ask us about our fresh black truffles from Sarrion (Spanish Perigord).

The origin of the truffle

Truffle from Sarrion

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At De la Terra Gourmet we are proud and passionate about sourcing the finest products. Every single one of our truffles have been harvested in the traditional way and presented into the best quality natural materials always having in mind to preserve this black diamond quality.

Tuber Melanosporum

Sarrion Winter black truffle is with no doubt the queen of truffles. Known as Tuber melanosporum as well, has a high gastronomic value and is very demanded by Michelin star chefs around the world due to its intense and delicate aroma and persistent flavour.

Tuber Aestivum

Tuber Aestivum
Tuber aestivum also known as summer black truffle has a softer aroma and taste than other varieties of truffles.

Grown in tree roots with a characteristic dark skin and creamy brown internal appearance. Harvested between April and August getting optimum maturation in June and July.

“Actually, we don’t believe our black truffles are enough valued because our soil clay makes them unique.”

 José T. Arribas

“A singular and exclusive deli harvested in short quantities conditioned by climatology and soil composition."

José T. Arribas


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