Tuber melanosporum

The Sarrión black truffle, also known as Tuber melanosporum , is undoubtedly the queen of truffles. A product with a high gastronomic value and highly requested by chefs who love this product, thanks to its extremely pleasant taste and its very intense and characteristic aroma that can be perceived from several meters away. It is collected in winter, specifically in January through dogs trained to perform this function.

Tuber melanosporum has become a select product, we must maintain a good preservation of the product so that it does not lose aroma or quality. It should be consumed no later than 5 days after receiving it and store it in a glass jar in the refrigerator. If you want, you can freeze it to use it later, always wrapped in film so that it does not lose its aroma.

At delaterragourmet we sell Teruel black truffle, specifically from the wonderful town of Sarrión, completely clean, without traces of earth or with a small layer that will make it a little more durable.

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“Actually, we don’t believe our black truffles are enough valued because our soil clay makes them unique.”

 José T. Arribas

“A singular and exclusive deli harvested in short quantities conditioned by climatology and soil composition."

José T. Arribas

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