Tuber aestivum

Tuber aestivum , also known as Summer truffle, has a much milder flavor and aroma than other truffles.

The Summer Truffle grows on the roots of various trees and has a dark color on the outside and a cream color with hazelnut tones on the inside. It is harvested between the months of April and August, achieving optimum maturation during the months of June and July.

Tuber aestivum retains its aroma and flavor for longer than Tuber melanosporum truffle, provided it is kept in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

At delaterragourmet we collect our own Tuber aestivum truffles thanks to our dogs trained to carry out this work and we market them completely clean or with a thin layer of sand so that they stay fresh for longer. .

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“Actually, we don’t believe our black truffles are enough valued because our soil clay makes them unique.”

 José T. Arribas

“A singular and exclusive deli harvested in short quantities conditioned by climatology and soil composition."

José T. Arribas

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